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UNIT Factory

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For Industry

  • Building “bridge” among education, accelerators, service and product companies.
  • Launching the most required educational programs.
  • Inviting for regular meetups best speakers - leaders of industry who can share priceless experience.
  • Launching new ideas and products.
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For Business

  • Comprehensive training engineers to specific particular business.
  • Choosing the most appropriate engineers.
  • Executing necessary cases from backlog which require more resources.
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For students

  • Assisting students to get technologies, culture and company.
  • Looking for the most appropriate place for practice and company for work.
  • Assisting to realize Start Up ideas.

2016-2018 years

  • 2 years of successful work of innovation school UNIT Factory (Kyiv)
  • 900 Students
  • Franchise by School 42 (
  • Successfully approved methodologies and fine-worked administrative team
  • Approved Success Case for specific corporate programs


  • Launching programs which were developed by practising engineers and oriented for required technology stacks
  • Created the professional Supervisory Board for UNIT Factory
  • Launching corporate programs oriented for particular business
  • Opening new IT School UNIT Factory (Kharkiv)

In few years

  • Official starting of new school in Kyiv with updated programs.
  • Organization of alumni club
  • Strong connections with key partners (service and product companies, accelerators)
  • International certification of own program uCode
  • Franchising of uCode program

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Ukraine, Kyiv, Dorohozhytska St, 3
(campus UNIT Factory)